Iowans with Disabilities in Action

Frequently Asked Questions about ID Action

ID Action is a nonpartisan organization created to increase the civic and political participation of Iowans with disabilities.

Contact us to receive informational materials or to present to your group or organization.

ID Action is funded through a federal grant. In order to receive this funding, all information and activities provided to members of ID Action must be nonbiased and nonpartisan. ID Action’s goal is simply to increase the number of Iowans with disabilities who actively participate.

Any Iowan interested in disability advocacy who would like to learn about or become more actively involved in civic and political opportunities available.

Registration with ID Action is FREE.

Americans with disabilities are an almost-silent voice in American politics. Many choose not to vote, and many more do not participate in the political process. Local, state and national policymakers make important decisions that directly impact Americans with disabilities, but the people they will most affect rarely influence those decisions.

According The American Association of People with Disabilities, of the 62.7 million Americans with disabilities who are eligible to vote,  only 16 million voted. 

In addition to voting, Iowans with disabilities have opportunities to make positive change by volunteering on a campaign, joining a political party or cause, advocating for change or even running for office.
In order to make the state a better place for everyone, individuals with disabilities need to have a greater voice in their community and in public policy decisions made at all levels of government.

No, we will only share contact information if YOU specifically give us permission

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