Iowans with Disabilities in Action


Why do a large number of Iowans with disabilities elect not to exercise their political rights?

Why are so many Iowans with disabilities absent from the political process?

With estimates showing there are more than 350,000 Iowans with disabilities, why do four out of 10 persons with disabilities say they are not at all involved in their community?

The ID Action project was launched with the assistance of Iowans with disabilities and their families whose thoughts and attitudes would help to shape the project. A series of focus groups with members of the disability community around the state and the research uncovered three primary barriers to civic and political participation:

  • A lack of knowledge about the issues and/or basic civic and political processes.

  • Low confidence, low self-esteem and concern that opinion leaders don’t care or won’t listen.

  • Poor accessibility and availability of transportation options.

The response to that stakeholder input became the basis for the strategies that the project would employ to put those Iowans with disabilities in action. And now, “We’re counting on you.”

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