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ID Action

P.O. Box 737

Des Moines, IA 50303

TOLL-FREE 866.432.2846

ID Action is a partnership with the Iowa Development Disabilities Council (DD Council.) ID Action was started in 2002 as a non-partisan initiative intended to increase the civic and political participation among Iowans with disabilities and promote positive change.

There are nearly 350,000 Iowans with some sort of disability. Those disabilities can fall into several categories, including intellectual, physical, congenital and developmental disabilities. When ID Action refers to “Iowans with disabilities” we are mostly referring to Iowans with developmental disabilities.

Developmental disability: A physical or intellectual disability acquired before the age of 22 that is permanent and that limits an individual’s ability in three or more life areas, such as: education, employment, mobility, living independently, activities of daily living, etc.

ID Action registrants are Iowans with disabilities, their family members and friends or those who are interested in advocating for disability related issues in Iowa. There is no requirement that you must have a disability to register for ID Action. Registration opportunities are available at events year-round or on the ID Action website at

ID Action uses People-first language to prioritize the person over their disability. For years, people with disabilities have been defined by their disability rather than as a person who has a disability.

People-first language was developed to give power to individuals rather than their disabilities. Here is a chart to help you write with people-first language.

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