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Voting Rights For Iowans - Know Your Rights

Voting is the foundation of our democracy, giving citizens a voice in deciding on laws, policies and leaders at all levels of government. Your right to vote is one of the most basic rights you have as an American citizen. Above all, remember, your vote matters.

• Voters who are eighteen years old and registered to vote in Iowa have the right to vote in Iowa elections.

• Voters may be asked to show an ID to vote on Election Day but an ID is not required to vote. If voters choose to register to vote on Election Day, they must prove who they are and that they live in the precinct they are voting in.

• Voters have the right to vote a provisional ballot if their eligibility to vote is questioned.

• Voters who go to the wrong precinct to vote must be given their correct precinct location by precinct poll workers.

• Voters have the right to vote by themselves or with help. Voters may choose who helps them, but it cannot be their employer or an officer of their union.

• Voters with a conservator or guardian have the right to vote unless a judge has specifically said in a court ruling they may not.

• Voters have the right to vote the way they choose.

• Voters have the right to get help by calling the number below if someone tries to stop them from voting.

• Voters have the right to be shown how to make their choices on the ballot.

• Voters waiting in line when the polling site closes must be allowed to vote.

Download a copy of the Iowa Voting Rights card.
For questions, or to report a violation of your voting rights, call the Iowa Secretary of State at (888) 767-8683 or visit the website at
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